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+254 727 446 544
Who we are
SID Institute is Africa's premier corporate training provider, offering over 100 short courses.
SID is Africa's leading corporate training provider
Since 2015, we have trained around 700 delegates from almost 200 client comanisations.
Corporate Training Subjects
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International Development Training in Africa

In our endeavour to transform leadership in Africa in the 21st Century, SID Institute has taken the responsibility of influencing leadership of public and private sectors in the continent. This we believe is our overarching mission at SID Institute; Service to Society through the development of international executive business management and leadership programs..

Sustainable Development Goals Champions

At SID Institute, we work with international development partners and clients from many sectors and countries to improve humanity standards of living through knowledge.

Big Data Analytics Training and Consultancy

Our training courses cover virtually all aspects of development, including Research & Data Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Humanitarian Development, Agriculture & Food Security;Climate Change, Health and Social Care,Law & Governance,Energy & Oil, ICT for Development Technology,Team Building and Advanced Management. We also specialize in training statistical research analysis using STATA, SPSS, R, CSPro, ODK, NVIVO and ArcGIS.

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.